Enjoying a Free Breadstick from Pugi

04 June 2013 - julienne breadstick at pugi

Social butterfly

Finally, it’s sunny and beautiful out! To take advantage, Juli and I took two walks today. On our second walk, it took forever to walk down the street because Juli was so busy waving at everyone.

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Pugi Via Orsini Florence 43.763200, 11.276150


At one point, she stood outside the focacceria (bread shop), Pugi on Via G. Orsini 63/65, for more than 5 minutes waving at the staff that it felt rude not to go in.

04 June 2013 - julienne breadstick at pugi

We picked out a breadstick to buy, but they were so enamored with Juli that they offered it to us for free! :) Thanks Pugi!

Note: There are three locations around Florence, if you see one, try their pizzas!

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